Various stories about maps

Maps are a visual representation of geographic locations and information. It shows the location, route, attractions, etc. and is used for route finding and location identification.

map advantage

Directions: Maps are useful for navigation and help you get to your destination safely and quickly.

Know your location: You can check your current location and nearby facilities to get information about your surroundings.

Planning and analysis: Maps help you plan your trip and analyze the area, helping you with many activities.

Emergency preparedness: Even in emergency situations, it can help with location location and rescue operations. 지적도 무료열람

Business and advertising: Businesses can use maps to reach customers and advertise.

How to read a map

Zoom in/out: Spread two fingers apart or pinch in/out to zoom in on the map. To zoom out, do the reverse pinch in/out motion or put two fingers together.

Pan: To move the map, use your finger to drag or swipe the screen.

Search: You can find your desired location or place by typing it into the search box.

Featured icons: Icons on the map represent specific locations, facilities, restaurants, etc., and can be clicked to view detailed information.

Directions: You can receive directions by setting your starting point and destination.

Layers: Maps can display different layers (roads, traffic, terrain, etc.), so you can choose to display the information you need.