How to check the number of working days

Checking working days plays an important role in measuring the productivity and efficiency of an organization. In this article, we will introduce various ways to check work days and analyze the pros and cons of each method.

Traditional time card system

The traditional time card system is where employees record their working hours by swiping a card when they arrive and leave work every day. Although this method is simple and inexpensive, it has the disadvantage of being inaccurate or subject to manipulation.


Digital commuting system

The digital attendance system records employees’ attendance using fingerprints and facial recognition. This method is highly accurate, but may have initial setup and maintenance costs.

Work check using mobile app

Working hours through a mobile app is a way for employees to record their attendance and attendance using their smartphones. Although this is convenient and cost-effective, it can cause security issues.

Cloud-based commute management system

The cloud-based system manages working hours through an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere. This provides greater flexibility and easier data management, but has the disadvantage of relying on an Internet connection.


The method of checking the number of working days may vary depending on the characteristics and needs of each organization. For effective work management, it is important to consider multiple methods and choose the system that best suits your organization.